About Dandelion

Dandelion is a reliable and easy to use canvassing tool designed for door-to-door campaigns using NationBuilder. Dandelion's ease of use, customizable interface, and ability to work in low-connectivity situations lets your campaign engage with more voters and make the connections needed to win.

Canvassing as it should be

  • Canvass better. Dandelion's smooth flow helps new canvassers learn and keeps experienced canvassers on track. Say goodbye to cramped clipboards full of secret codes that are hard to remember and losing paper to wind or rain.
  • Make the most of your time. Dandelion makes it easy to quickly enter information from your canvass. Since you enter data yourself, there is no worry that important details will be lost. Dandelion's reliability means you won't get stuck on error messages at the door.
  • Form a stronger connection. Dandelion lets you see prior canvass results, so that your voters feel heard when you talk with them again.
  • Use any device. Dandelion works on iOS, Android, and PC, and does not need to be installed. Even older devices can join! The iPhone 5 (with iOS 10) and any Androids with Chrome have successfully used Dandelion. Dandelion has been measured to use less than 2MB an hour.

Effective organizing made easier

  • Canvass without limits. Since data gets entered while canvassing, you never get swamped by data entry. If you have some canvassers that prefer paper, your Dandelion-using canvassers are already trained to help enter that data!
  • Get the complete picture. Dandelion collects all canvass outcomes, so you can learn more and do better. You can measure your daily contact rate, see which canvassers are doing well and who needs help, and act on any custom notes left by canvassers.
  • Act on up to date information. Dandelion uploads canvass results as soon as possible, so you can follow up faster and make more informed decisions.
  • Have the best election day ever. Dandelion lets you track who's voted, meaning that canvassers can easily get updates in the field and save their valuable time on election day. With Dandelion's real-time updates, you can be sure you're reaching your voters and getting them to the polls.
  • Customize your fit. Dandelion lets you customize contact flows to reflect your campaign goals and needs.
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We are invite only so we can focus on making the best app for our early users.

How Dandelion Stays Up To Date

Dandelion stores all data and contact information on your browser/device before sending it to NationBuilder. This ensures that even if the internet is temporarily unavailable, you can continue to record contacts without interruption. However, this means that you may not have the most up to date information. Tap Sync to get the most up to date information. Clicking "Sync" sends unsent data to NationBuilder and then downloads new data.

Data Privacy

The Dandelion server acts solely as a pass-through between the client and the NationBuilder servers. The contents of the requests between clients and the NationBuilder API are not logged. All canvassing data (including your NationBuilder contacts) are stored in the browser of each user and is cleared when they log out. No canvass data is kept on any Dandelion servers. We use HTTPS between clients and the Dandelion servers and between the Dandelion server and NationBuilder's servers. In order to help eliminate bugs and improve features, we collect usage data, error logs, user emails, and data leading up to any bugs or problems encountered. Any changes to data collection will be reported here.`

If you would like to completely remove Dandelion's access to your NationBuilder, go to your NationBuilder control panel, click "Settings" then "Apps", and click the "Uninstall" button next to Dandelion.